NYC Hard Money Lender


A great way to profit from a real estate investment is by rehabbing the property. Many times you will spot a real estate investment property that is discounted to the average price for a similar property. After doing your due diligence you might find out that for only another 10 percent investment in rehab the property will increase in value 50 percent or more.
When you are starting out Great Stone Capital recommends you spot those discounted investment deals with an eye towards properties that do not need a significant amount of work to increase their value.
The greater the amount of rehab the greater the rehab the greater the risk factor is.
Great Stone Capital has the ability to lend in many loan scenarios. But we are particularly interested in scenarios where the borrower has a great chance of success.
A lot of times just redoing the facade of the house, repainting, redoing the floors, updating the bathrooms or kitchen or simply adding a room will make a major impact on the value of a property.
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